Railway Books

Below is the current list of railway books stocked at First Pasture, from publishers such as Wild Swan and Lightmoor Press.  To view each title in more detail, or to purchase a title, simply click on the name of the book.  Alternatively visit www.firstpasture.co.uk

Steam Railway Books

A Broad Gauge Album by Iain Rice
A Tribute to Eastleigh’s Railways by Norman Cox
Camp Coach Holidays on the GWR by Mike Fenton (Wild Swan Books)
Fayle’s Tramways by Chris Legg (Twelveheads)
Forest of Dean Lines & the Severn Bridge by Neil Parkhouse (Lightmoor Press Books)
Great Northern Branch Lines from Stamford by Peter Paye (Lightmoor Press Books)
Great Western Steam Railway Photographs of RJ Buckley by Ron Buckley
Memories of the Withered Arm by Peter Barnfield (Wild Swan Books)
Memories of West Country Railway Journeys 1960-1962 by Peter Barnfield (Wild Swan Books)
Miniature Railway Album by Peter Green
On Tracks Broad and Narrow by David Mitchell (Holne Books)
Post War Southern Steam in East Sussex & Kent by Ian Drummond (Holne Books)
Private Owner Wagons of Somerset by Richard Kelham (Lightmoor Press Books)
Private Owner Wagons of the South East by John Arkell (Lightmoor Press Books)
Rails Along the Fathew by Ian Drummond (Holne Books)
Somerset & Dorset Swansong by Bob Bunyar (Wild Swan Books)
Talyllyn & Corris Steam Locomotives Volume 2 by Martin Fuller
The Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway 1834-1983 by Michael Messenger (Twelveheads)
The Bridport Branch by Gerry Beale (Wild Swan Books)
The Culm Valley Light Railway by Michael Messenger (Twelveheads)
The Furzebrook Railway by Chris Legg (Twelveheads)
The Golden Valley Railway by WH Smith (Wild Swan Books)
The Hawkhurst Branch by Brian Hart (Wild Swan Books)
The Lines Behind the Front by William Aves (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Malmesbury Branch by Mike Fenton (Wild Swan Books)
The Port Road by Andrew Swan (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Ruabon to Barmouth Line by Martin Williams (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 1 by Barry Taylor (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Swansea Vale Railway by John Miles (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Taunton to Barnstaple Line Volume 1 by Freddie Huxtable (Lightmoor Press Books)
The Wantage Tramway by Nicholas De Courtais (Wild Swan Books)
The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway by Glyn Williams (Wild Swan Books)

Model Railway Books

A Modeller’s Handbook of Painting & Lining by Ian Rathbone (Wild Swan Books)
Authentic Model Railway Operation by Martin Nield (Wild Swan Books)
Creating Cameo Layouts by Iain Rice (Wild Swan Books)
Designing a Layout by Barry Norman (Wild Swan Books)
Great Western Branch Line Modelling Part 2 by Stephen Williams (Wild Swan Books)
Landscape Modelling by Barry Norman (Wild Swan Books)
Modelling Grassland & Landscape Detailing by Gordon Gravett (Wild Swan Books)
Narrow Gauge Adventure by Peter Kazer (Wild Swan Books)
The 4mm Coal Wagon by John Hayes (Wild Swan Books)
The 4mm Wagon Part One by Geoff Kent (Wild Swan Books)
The 4mm Wagon Part Three by Geoff Kent (Wild Swan Books)
The Art of Weathering by Martyn Welch (Wild Swan Books)
White Metal Locos by Iain Rice (Wild Swan Books)

Rare Railway Books

Cottage Modelling for Pendon by Chris Pilton (Wild Swan Books)
The Camerton Branch by Colin Maggs (Wild Swan Books)




One Farm One Year DVD Set

Once again Chris Lockwood has come up trumps with his latest offering, or should I say offerings as we are actually talking about 2 DVDS, with combined viewing time of 4 hours.  One Farm, One Year shows the activities and the machinery used on a Suffolk farm and portrays the highs and lows during 2012.  Part One covers the months January to August and Part Two follows on through to December.  Although they can be purchased individually, we are offering these as 2 DVD set as a special offer – click here to order

Loose Hall Farm Ltd runs to 3,600 acres on eight farms stretching over eight miles.  The manager is Kevin Easey who for 48 years has worked the heavy clay soils in the heart of Suffolk.  The main crops grown are winter wheat, winter and spring barley, oilseed rape and sugar beet.  A few beef cattle are also kept.

Part One follows Kevin and his staff from January to August and includes the spring drilling of barley and beet, spraying for crop protection, fertilising, hoeing the young beet, mowing grass and baling.  Battling against very wet conditions, Kevin combines the winter barley and rape and by mid-August is once again drilling rape.

Part Two, August to December, starts with the wheat harvest, close on the heels of which are cultivations for next year’s crops.  The new rape crop is already coming through, and so are the slugs!  After a very variable summer (to put it mildly!) the wheat harvest finally ends in early September and a week later Kevin starts drilling next year’s cereals.  Drilling, fertilising and spraying are the order of the day until beet lifting from the end of October, during what turned out to be one of the wettest autumns for a hundred years.

During the entire year many ancillary activities are on view including truck loading, crop-drying, drilling maize for game cover, hedge-cutting, ditching and demonstrations of new machinery.

Not surprisingly these two DVDs are proving popular in their comprehensive and entertaining portrayal of a farming year.

Sheep on Your Smallholding DVD series

We have very recently added four excellent sheep DVDs to our growing list of farming and smallholding DVDs.  The four programmes are presented by Adam Henson, familiar to many as a presenter on BBC TV’s ‘Countryfile’, each looking in great depth at a particular aspect of keeping sheep.

Programme One: Establishing Your Flock
Programme Two: Managing Your Flock for Peak Health
Programme Three: The Breeding Flock
Programme Four: Sheep for Business, Enterprise & Profit

For the small investment of £20.50 each programme averages two hours in duration and packs in a huge amount of invaluable advice and information from Adam Henson and other expert contributors.  We also offer all four programmes as a complete set at the special offer price of £74 with free UK delivery.  If you wish to view a detailed description of each programme please click here.


Working Horses: Clydesdale Horse DVD

Surely I amongst many who are looking forward to seeing Martin Clunes’ programme on Heavy Horsepower this Thursday on ITV.  Martin Clunes purchased two Clydesdale horses a few years ago, Ronnie and Bruce, for use on his Dorset farm.  His two Clydedales are now at a stage where they are becoming bored of inactivity and Martin has taken the decision to employ them on more meaningful duties.  His programme not only looks at the training of his adored Clydesdale horses with the help of a professional trainer, but he also travels abroad to look at working horses in action.  With programmes like this, broadcasters can be tempted to parachute a celebrity in to be the face of the programme without having much knowledge of the material, however this is certainly not the case here, as Martin is a true enthusiast of working horses.

If you enjoy the ITV programme on working horses, and Clydesdales in particular, I can recommend the following programme – A Clydesdale’s Tale

“The Clydesdale Horse has for years been the backbone of the agricultural life on many farms.  Now replaced by machinery, nevertheless the charm and allure of the breed remains.

Derek Espie from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, breeds Clydesdales and this programme follows the breed from birth through training, to the climax of the Balmoral Show in Belfast.  A must for all horse lovers and for those who hold the Clydesdale dear to their hearts.”

clydesdale horse dvd

A Clydesdale’s Tale is available at just £10.99 with free P&P.  We also stock a number of other dvd titles on the important role played by working horses on farms in a bygone age.  To view the list of dvd titles simply click here

Lamb Survival DVD presented by David Henderson

I’d thought I’d blog about Lamb Survival DVD – it may not be a new release but this is by far the best lambing dvd on the market.  At this time of the year there are many sheep keepers who are in need of professional advice – so in the words of Corporal Jones ‘Don’t Panic!’ – help is at hand with this comprehensive lambing dvd presented by David Henderson, shepherd, veterinary surgeon, lecturer and past president of the Sheep Veterinary Society.

Far too many lambs are lost unnecessarily during the first few days of life.  This programme illustrates the techniques that can be used by shepherds in both lowland and hill situations to reduce losses to a minimum.

The techniques shown are presented by David Henderson with the help of experienced shepherds and students and shows useful and practical information for both farmers and smallholders, whether they be beginners or more experienced shepherds.

This detailed lambing programme includes vital information on the management of the ewe during pregnancy, feeding during pregnancy, vaccinations, the importance of colostrum and feeding requirements, advice on the lambing pen and post lambing accommodation and care.

David Henderson also examines vulnerability issues of newborn lambs including infections and loss of heat and energy, hypothermia, how to take a lamb’s temperature, how to treat lambs above and below six hours old, intraperitoneal injection of glucose, the use of warming boxes and after-care.  Castration, assisted lambing and fostering and medical risks are also discussed in some detail.

84 minutes duration, Lamb Survival DVD is available for the reduced price of £15.15 with free UK P&P. CLICK HERE


Beekeeping DVDs Special Offer

We have brought together two of the best beekeeping DVDs (in our opinion!) at a special promotional price.  The beekeeping dvd special is the perfect gift for both beginners and more advanced beekeepers with 220 minutes of practical and invaluable information and advice.  The two beekeeping dvds include:

A New Introduction to Beekeeping: Paul Metcalf, a beekeeper for over 60 years, has updated his bestselling instructional dvd in this new comprehensive introduction to beekeeping.  Paul Metcalf takes us through the bee-keeping year, from April to the onset of winter.  He explains carefully and expertly, as well as demonstrating, the management of the hive, including swarm control, disease control, honey extraction and feeding.  New sections featured in this dvd include advice on choice of hive and equipment as well as information on the latest advice on disease control.

Honey – A Beekeeper’s Guide: This unique dvd is entirely devoted to honey.  Starting with the removal of the honey supers from the hive, the dvd describes how to extract honey correctly, explains how to achieve different honeys from different nectar sources and provides advice on the production of creamed and clear honey. The programme also explains how to prepare and present honey commercially as well as how best to exhibit honey at a show to catch the judge’s eye.  Plus the dvd includes a useful demonstration on how to turn honey into prize-winning mead.

This special offer is available for just £35.89 with free UK delivery and can be purchased from our secure website by clicking Beekeeping DVDs Special Offer

New Farming Archive DVDs

Those of you who have visited our website during the last 24 hours will no doubt already be aware of some changes to our categories, however for the benefit of those of you who are unaware of the additions, I am pleased to advise that First Pasture now has specific categories for Farming Archive DVDs, Farm Horses DVDs, Transport DVDs and Farmhouse Kitchen Books.

With respect to Farming Archives DVDs these are archive films showing farming life from the Edwardian era through the 1930s, war years, and on to the 1950s and 1960s.  They provide a fascinating insight into a bygone age and even if you are not particularly interested in farming, these old films will delight and entertain young and old alike for repeated viewing.

To browse these new categories please visit www.firstpasture.co.uk