Beekeeping DVDs Special Offer

We have brought together two of the best beekeeping DVDs (in our opinion!) at a special promotional price.  The beekeeping dvd special is the perfect gift for both beginners and more advanced beekeepers with 220 minutes of practical and invaluable information and advice.  The two beekeeping dvds include:

A New Introduction to Beekeeping: Paul Metcalf, a beekeeper for over 60 years, has updated his bestselling instructional dvd in this new comprehensive introduction to beekeeping.  Paul Metcalf takes us through the bee-keeping year, from April to the onset of winter.  He explains carefully and expertly, as well as demonstrating, the management of the hive, including swarm control, disease control, honey extraction and feeding.  New sections featured in this dvd include advice on choice of hive and equipment as well as information on the latest advice on disease control.

Honey – A Beekeeper’s Guide: This unique dvd is entirely devoted to honey.  Starting with the removal of the honey supers from the hive, the dvd describes how to extract honey correctly, explains how to achieve different honeys from different nectar sources and provides advice on the production of creamed and clear honey. The programme also explains how to prepare and present honey commercially as well as how best to exhibit honey at a show to catch the judge’s eye.  Plus the dvd includes a useful demonstration on how to turn honey into prize-winning mead.

This special offer is available for just £35.89 with free UK delivery and can be purchased from our secure website by clicking Beekeeping DVDs Special Offer