Working Horses: Clydesdale Horse DVD

Surely I amongst many who are looking forward to seeing Martin Clunes’ programme on Heavy Horsepower this Thursday on ITV.  Martin Clunes purchased two Clydesdale horses a few years ago, Ronnie and Bruce, for use on his Dorset farm.  His two Clydedales are now at a stage where they are becoming bored of inactivity and Martin has taken the decision to employ them on more meaningful duties.  His programme not only looks at the training of his adored Clydesdale horses with the help of a professional trainer, but he also travels abroad to look at working horses in action.  With programmes like this, broadcasters can be tempted to parachute a celebrity in to be the face of the programme without having much knowledge of the material, however this is certainly not the case here, as Martin is a true enthusiast of working horses.

If you enjoy the ITV programme on working horses, and Clydesdales in particular, I can recommend the following programme – A Clydesdale’s Tale

“The Clydesdale Horse has for years been the backbone of the agricultural life on many farms.  Now replaced by machinery, nevertheless the charm and allure of the breed remains.

Derek Espie from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, breeds Clydesdales and this programme follows the breed from birth through training, to the climax of the Balmoral Show in Belfast.  A must for all horse lovers and for those who hold the Clydesdale dear to their hearts.”

clydesdale horse dvd

A Clydesdale’s Tale is available at just £10.99 with free P&P.  We also stock a number of other dvd titles on the important role played by working horses on farms in a bygone age.  To view the list of dvd titles simply click here